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Master Degree in Mathematics and Computation (Bologna)

The Master Degree in Mathematics and Computation is a 2nd cycle degree in Mathematics, with emphasis on the computational solutions to mathematical problems and their applications in science and technology, including Computer Science. The programme is mainly concerned with the areas of Computational Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Mathematics and Computer Science, which are known to play a central role in a wide range of modern technologies. These applications include, among others, image processing, design and production systems supported by computers (CAD/CAM), security and reliability in communication technologies and formal software verification.

Students will make extensive use of advanced computational tools, such as symbolic computational systems and packages of scientific computation and, at the same time, will acquire all the background needed for the analysis and implementation of new algorithms.

This programme is a joint collaboration between the departments of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Minho.

Official length: 2 years/4 semesters of full-time study/120 ECTS credits, including two semesters for a dissertation.

Access requirements: applicants are expected to have a graduation in Mathematics or other similar areas; exceptionally, applicants with a relevant curriculum (academic, scientific or professional) may be considered.

Programme requirements: students are required to complete 60 ECTS credits before starting the dissertation.

Location: Campus of Gualtar, Braga.

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