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The Department of Mathematics (DMAT) shares human and material resources with the Centre of Mathematics (CMAT), the research unit of the University of Minho in the field of Mathematics. The research produced by DMAT staff covers the majority of the areas of Mathematics: Algebra, Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Geometry, History of Mathematics, Logic, Mathematical Physics,  Probability,  Topology, Statistics.

Simultaneously, a large part of this research aims at applications outside Mathematics, and is conducted in the context of multidisciplinary projects. The application fields include: Astrophysics, Biology, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Physics, and Robotics. The research by DMAT staff is largely done in collaboration with other scientific institutions, many of them foreign, from countries like China, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, UK, and USA. The research at DMAT builds the appropriate environment for graduate studies in Mathematics, namely through the Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Applications, a cycle of studies in partnership with the University of Aveiro. Finally, the members of DMAT are engaged in the several cycles of seminars of CMAT, as well as in the organization of scientific events.

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